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Data & Analytics Mastery

Data and analytics are essential aspect of any modern digital marketing strategy. In this Mastery course, you’ll learn to take the overwhelming amount of data in your business and put it into an organized system, so you can figure out what’s working or what not and make strategic business-building decisions based off of the facts.

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Course Overview

Data and analytics are essential aspect of any modern digital marketing strategy. In this Mastery course, you’ll learn to take the overwhelming amount of data in your business and put it into an organized system, so you can figure out what’s working or what not and make strategic business-building decisions based off of the facts.

You’ll learn:

Metric Categories
Learn how to define what kind of metrics you should pull depending on your end business goals. Once you identify which of the four major categories you want to focus on – top of funnel, middle of funnel, bottom of funnel and retention/monetization – you can pull meaningful data to advance your goals.

The Data “Lenses”
Discover different ways to sort and analyze data to get actionable results you can improve upon. Whether you’re comparing past and present numbers or looking into how changes in your industry affect your business, you’ll know how to crunch the numbers and find solutions.

Convert Raw Numbers
Use this 8-step flowchart for an easy, step-by-step process for turning raw numbers into meaningful actions. No longer will you start at a page full of numbers and wonder what they mean or how can be useful in advancing your business’ goals.

Top Traffic Sources
Identify which traffic sources are most valuable to your business using our custom-made UTM Parameter Builder. Using consistent UTMs for new campaigns will speed up your ability to track page traffic and progress.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction from the Instructors
Lesson 2: Here’s What To Expect
Lesson 3: What Data Analysis Is (And What It Can Do for Your Business)
Lesson 4: Why All Business Must Be Data-Driven
Lesson 5: Analysis and the Funnel
Lesson 6: What Data Matters to Business
Lesson 7: Data Analysis Building Blocks

Lesson 1: Introduction to Google Analytics
Lesson 2: Google Analytics Layout & Understanding
Lesson 3: Introduction to Google Analytics Segments
Lesson 4: Tracking Site Visitors
Lesson 5: Using the UTM Parameter Builder
Lesson 6: Pulling CRM & eCommerce Data
Lesson 7: Pulling Paid Traffic Data
Lesson 8: Creating and Naming Retargeting Lists
Lesson 9: Starting with Data
Lesson 10: Finding Outliers with Math

Lesson 1: Top of Funnel Goals & KPIs
Lesson 2: New Visitors
Lesson 3: Direct Visitors
Lesson 4: Retargeting & Segmentation
Lesson 5: Total Visits
Lesson 6: Top of Funnel Deep Dive Metrics
Lesson 7: Channel Splits
Lesson 8: Bounce Rate
Lesson 9: Branded Search Volume
Lesson 10: Top of Funnel Pixeling
Lesson 11: Visits
Lesson 12: Applying Top of Funnel Metrics

Lesson 1: Middle of Funnel Goals & KPIs
Lesson 2: Visitor Recency
Lesson 3: Banner Click %
Lesson 4: Leads Generated
Lesson 5: Tracking Middle of Funnel Retargeting Lists
Lesson 6: Direct Visitor Count
Lesson 7: Middle of Funnel Deep Dive Metrics
Lesson 8: Social Media Followers
Lesson 9: Banner Click % at the Post Level
Lesson 10: Number of Comments
Lesson 11: Number of Social Shares
Lesson 12: Applying Middle of Funnel Metrics

Lesson 1: Bottom of Funnel Goals & KPIs
Lesson 2: Number of Goods Sold
Lesson 3: Retargeting & Segments
Lesson 4: Average Order Value
Lesson 5: Revenue Per Visitor
Lesson 6: Days to Conversion
Lesson 7: Bottom of Funnel Deep Dive Metrics
Lesson 8: Channel Split (Offers)
Lesson 9: Bounces (Offers)
Lesson 10: Promo Email Campaigns
Lesson 11: Funnel Evaluation
Lesson 12: Applying Bottom of Funnel Metrics

Lesson 1: Retention & Monetization Goals & KPIs
Lesson 2: Membership Retention Report
Lesson 3: Traffic ROI Report
Lesson 4: Refund Report
Lesson 5: Monetization Funnel Conversion Rate
Lesson 6: Retention & Monetization Deep Dive Metrics
Lesson 7: Content Email Metrics
Lesson 8: Cohort Analysis
Lesson 9: Reputation Score
Lesson 10: Qualitative Trend Report
Lesson 11: Customer Lifetime Value
Lesson 12: Applying retention & Monetization Metrics

Lesson 1: Analytic Decision Making
Lesson 2: Applying the Analyst’s Toolkit
Lesson 3: Segments & Drilling Down
Lesson 4: Analytic Trends
Lesson 5: Business Analyses to Start Immediately
Lesson 6: Transitioning from Reactive to Proactive Analysis

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Data & Analytics Mastery

Course Details

What's Included

Data & Analytics Mastery


If you’re a business owner, this certification is a great way to learn how to optimize the traffic you’re already getting for yourself. It’s also a great way to train and certify members of your own team to ensure that they’re up to speed on the latest trends and best practices.

If you’re an agency, this certification is a tangible way to show that you are a Analytics & Data Specialist, which could help you attract and retain better, higher-paying clients.

If you’re a student, this certificate can set you apart from other graduates who merely have a business or marketing degree, but specialized skills that employers today are desperately seeking.

If you’re an employee or marketing professional, this certificate can make you more valuable to your company, which is the surest way to get that raise or promotion you likely already deserve (but don’t have a tangible reason to request).

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