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Your checklist is available for download with the button below. Be sure to follow the instructions on how to use this checklist.

How To Use This Checklist

  1. Download and save the PDF using the button below
  2. Put a check by each box that applies to your business
  3. Add up how many boxes you’ve checked and subtract it from 73, this is your Opportunity Score
  4. Check the FAQ section below to determine what your score means


Identify and prioritize areas where help is most needed

Research areas that have opportunity for improvement.

Focus on maintaining strengths, find areas to build on.

Develop defensive strategy to stay on top.

Weather you have a low or high Opportunity Score, there’s always room for an improvement. Discovering the right combination of sales and marketing tactics is what we do best!

The next step is to schedule a free 30-minute Strategy Developer call with us. We’ll analyze every aspect of your business from the top down the the bottom, uncovering opportunities that can help your business profit wildly.

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Retain and Grow Your Current Staff and Make Your Company an Employer of Choice

Your employees want more than a paycheck. Today’s employees crave meaning, flexibility, mentorship, coaching, and growth opportunities! Offering them on-going training and certifications will allow them to grow, thrive, and give you a return on your investment.

The more independent and empowered your employees, the more productive and invested they are in their job and your company! 

Become an employer of choice and earn a reputation of providing cutting edge training and education to make your team the marketing sales leaders in your community.

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