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Course Overview

Learn what it’s like selling full funnel marketing that achieves KPI’s for SMB’s (clients and prospects). Traditional and Digital media tactics become strategies that achieve results! Manage their expectations, and confidently gain trust and credibility quickly so you can be on the fast track to success!
Even if your role is not a “seller” this course will help acclimate you to the world of marketing sales. This course will enable you to understand their vocabulary and assist in strategizing and managing full funnel marketing plans that achieve return on investment and renewals year after year.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Stop Winging It

Lesson 2: Setting the Stage

Lesson 3: Professional Salesperson

Lesson 1: Prospecting & OTC 

Lesson 2: OTC 

Lesson 3: Objections

Lesson 4: Time & Account Management

Lesson 1: ITM 

Lesson 2: CNA

Lesson 1: ROI 

Lesson 2: Tactic vs. Strategy

Lesson 3: Two Formulas

Lesson 4: Professional Proposals

Lesson 5: From CNA to Proposal

Lesson 1: Infield Days

Lesson 2: 1st 8 Weeks

New Hire Sales Training

Course Details

What's Included

Certificate of Achievement


  • You will know who and how to prospect to develop new business 
  • You will know how to quickly build trust and credibility with your clients and prospects 
  • You will know what to say to earn appointments every time 
  • You will know how to build full funnel marketing strategies that get results for your SMBs
  • You will understand the difference between strategies vs tactics
  • You will learn how to build professional proposals and close more business
  • You will have the sales playbooks that will catapult you to earning more money than you ever dreamed 
  • Your clients will see ROI and KPIs achievement and give credit to you and your team 
  • You will not only make excellent income you will also make a difference in the lives of your clients, and NOTHING is more important than that! 
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