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Navaquest University

Give your Sales and Marketing Team a proven training system that develops their skills and gives them the tools they need to generate new business for you, and the playbooks to achieve results – and RENEWALS- from your SMB’s and Prospects.

This two Semester Course is brought to your market, you and your team are trained, in person, for 6 full days. 90-days separate semester one from semester two, allowing you and your team to put into action the tools learned and apply them to their job performance.

Semester 1, 3 Days is “Mastering The Fundamentals: Upping Your Professional Selling Standards”

You and Your Team will learn by doing! Role-playing, classroom work, and real-life application with topics including:

  • 3 Stages of Sales Growth

  • Prospecting Today

  • SMB Research & Competitive Analysis

  • Customer Needs Analysis

  • 2 Proven Formulas

  • Tactics vs Strategy

  • ROI – Return On Investment

  • Professional Proposals

  • Time & Account Management

  • Win/Win Strategies

  • Awesome Action Plan

  • Goal Setting

Semester 2, 3 Days is “Maximizing Your Business: Playbook For Top Performers”

All students must set and achieve 1st Semester SMART goals, signed off by their manager, to be invited back to Semester 2

You and Your Team will learn by doing! Role-playing, classroom work, and real-life application with topics including:

  • Success Stories

  • ITM – Qualifying Quicker

  • Fish!

  • 12 Most Common Mistakes in Advertising

  • Strategy to Fulfillment

  • Customer Value Journey

  • R.A.I.D. Close – Make More Money!

  • Testimonials – Make More Money!
  • Avatar and Storytelling!

  • Harvard’s Marketing Bridge

  • 9 Step Full Funnel Playbook – Make More Money!

  • Final Exam

  • Action Plan / Goal Setting

Navaquest University

After you complete your 2nd Semester SMART goals, signed off by your manager, you will receive a Graduation Certificate suitable for framing!

Please contact Navaquest for more details and pricing information.

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Retain and Grow Your Current Staff and Make Your Company an Employer of Choice

Your employees want more than a paycheck. Today’s employees crave meaning, flexibility, mentorship, coaching, and growth opportunities! Offering them on-going training and certifications will allow them to grow, thrive, and give you a return on your investment.

The more independent and empowered your employees, the more productive and invested they are in their job and your company! 

Become an employer of choice and earn a reputation of providing cutting edge training and education to make your team the marketing sales leaders in your community.

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